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NCAA College Vs. Major Junior Hockey

Here are some answers to what the differences are between playing NCAA College Hockey and playing in the Canadian Hockey League (Major Junior)

Talented college hockey players face a choice at a young age as to where to pursue their dreams - two paths that can both lead to the NHL, but have a number of differences between them.
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ACHA Hockey on the Rise

With programs like Penn State and Arizona State making the jump from club hockey to the NCAA, who will be next?

If the term "club hockey" generates images of college players playing late-night hockey in mismatched uniforms under loosely applied rules, the American Collegiate Hockey Association has no use for you or your misguided vision.
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Paths that Lead to Division I Hockey

Routes That Young Players Can Take to Division I Hockey

There's no one right way to make it to Division I college hockey. In fact, a survey of 2012-13 college rosters shows that more than a dozen junior or high school leagues sent players directly to the Division I ranks.
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WSHL Makes the Jump to Tier II Status

Expansion, Exposure, and Western Prospects League

The United Hockey Union (UHU) is proud to announce that the Western States Hockey League (WSHL) will now be competing in North America as a Tier II hockey league in the UHU.  At their annual off-season League meeting, the WSHL Board of Governors voted in favor to accept and support the move to Tier II.   

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The Basic Breakdown of the Junior Hockey System

5 Things to Know About Junior Hockey

You’re serious about hockey. You’re getting better every day and you’re performing at a high level with your current team. You’re ready to explore your options on how to reach the next level and achieve your goals. Which development path is right for you?

Junior hockey is the logical choice – but the different leagues, rules and opportunities can be confusing in both the U.S. and Canada. There’s a lot of information and clutter out there. We can help you navigate the junior hockey landscape.

Here’s what you need to know.

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